Issue three includes an interview with the team behind YouTube channel COPA90, Donal Fallon tells the story of Irish football's Easter Rising Rebel, Oscar Traynor, Macdara Ferris' examination of Shamrock Rovers lack of progression, David Toms an ex-pat in Prague adopting a new team, French Football Weekly's Jeremy Smith on the Curse of the Square Crossbar, Richard Furlong on The Language of the Number 10 and more. Specially commissioned illustrations by Matteo Cuccato, Felix Whitlock, Keisuke Yamada, Samuel Bono, Nils Gustafsson, Dorothy, Ruckspiel and Andy Beller. With photography from Martijn Mureau, Tom Beary and Hana Asano.

Issue three features:

Hana Asano - USA
Tom Beary - Ireland
Matteo Cuccato - Italy
Dr. Vincenzo Felici - Italy
Felix Whitlock - Scotland
Nicole Selmer - Austria
Donal Fallon - Ireland
Keisuke Yamada - Japan
Macdara Ferris - Ireland
Samuel Bono - Brazil
George Kelly - Ireland
JP Peer - USA
Martijn Mureau - The Netherlands
David Toms - Ireland
Nils Gustafsson - Sweden
Jeremy Smith - UK
Dorothy - UK
Devon Rowcliffe - Canada
Cian Manning - Ireland
Ruckspiel - Austria
Richard Furlong - UK
Andy Beller - USA
Kevin Daly - Australia

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